Swedens Famous, Month-Long Vacation Law Is Over 80 Years Old

The Nordics are famous for their generous vacation days, with at least twenty-five days paid leave each year in Sweden, and thirty in Denmark (yes, that's a world record). The Danes aren't one of the happiest people in the world for nothing.

SAS to Resume Their U.S. Routes in June

After a couple of months of uncertainty and hardship for airlines, it seems as if companies are slowly starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and their way back to a new normal.

The Swedes That Joined The U.S. Military Against Hitler

“Practically no one in Sweden had the idea of volunteering for the Western Allied democracies against Hitler”, an influential columnist wrote in Sweden´s largest newspaper, Aftonbladet, in 2000. This claim was reinforced by books and TV documentaries. Unfortunately, considering the time it usually takes to change peoples perception of history, it might take years until the fact that many more Swedish citizens donned American uniforms, rather than German ones, becomes well known.

Swedish Spotify is the Most Personable Brand in the United States

A recent study from marketing research firm MBLM noted that the music streaming platform, which has more than 286 million total users, has been working hard to form an emotional connection with their listeners.

China Buys Stake in Norwegian Air

The future of struggling Scandinavian airline, Norwegian Air, is looking brighter thanks to a new investment from China. The airline, who was faced with possible bankruptcy after the coronavirus crisis wiped out the travel industry, just underwent a major restructuring. 

Virtual Finnish Friend Will Teach You How to Be More Finnish

And now, we can learn the secret to happiness from Finns firsthand. The government of Finland has created the “Rent a Finn” campaign, which promises to share some tips on “how to become happy like a Finn — no matter where you are physically.”



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