Meet Glenn Van Helén: Bringing Swedish Biotech to the U.S....

Like many Swedes before him, Glenn Van Helèn decided to leave Scandinavia and relocate to the United States when he met the love of his life. In his new home, he decided to hold tight to his Scandinavian roots by becoming the U.S. distributor for the biotech company, Hygiene of Sweden.

Can’t Travel? Burger King Offers a New Purpose For Your Swedish...

With much of the world still in quarantine, it’s almost impossible to travel at the moment. However, that didn’t stop the Scandinavian-based advertising agency Ingo and Burger King from coming up with a campaign to inspire wanderlust-prone travelers.

The Most Beautiful Manor in Uppland, Sweden, is For Sale

Skebo Manor has been called the most beautiful manor in the whole province of Uppland, in Sweden. And now it is for sale.

The Nordics Are the Least Friendly and Passionate Countries in the...

In a ranking of 65 countries around the world for "Friendliness" and "Finding Friends", the Nordics ranks at the very bottom of the list

Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid Statue Vandalized With ‘Racist Fish’ Graffiti

Last Friday, one of Denmark’s most famous tourist attractions, the Little Mermaid statue, was vandalized. The main character of Danish author Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale was spray-painted with the words “Racist Fish” on the rock that she sits atop.

The Swedish Life Hack That Will Save Your Relationship According to...

Does your significant other have a tendency to hog the blankets while you're sleeping? Don't worry! Thanks to IKEA, the tug war is over. A while back, the company launched the “TOG-ether bundle,” two duvets - one for each person instead of sharing one big duvet.



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