Best places in Scandinavia to visit according to our readers

There is no doubt the Scandinavians are incredibly proud of their beautiful countries: Sweden's archipelagos and fairytale-like forests, Norway's world-famous fjords, and Denmark with their beautiful coasts. But with so much nature and so many places to choose from, it's hard to know which ones to see first!

Scandinavian Baby Names You Might Or Might Not Want To Steal

Giving your baby a Scandinavian name when living in the U.S. is a guaranteed way of giving your child a unique name, and probably some struggles having to always spell out their own name.

The Swedish National Day: This Is How & Why Swedes Celebrate...

Swedish National Day is here! This day is a chance to get out there and celebrate everything that Sweden stands for. Perhaps you’ll be in Stockholm, attending the celebrations at Skansen. Or perhaps you will be in Los Angeles celebrating the Swedish National Day at the Swedes in the States fika pop-up this Saturday?

5 reasons to love Denmark

5th of June has arrived, and it is Denmarks Constitution Day! There are many reasons to love Denmark but the day in honor, we decided to list our five favorite things about the Scandinavian metropol of design.

Recipe: Swedish Vanilla Custard Hearts

Buttery, cream filled and vanilla?! What more could you want in a cookie treat? This recipe is written by Ingrid Schatz in collaboration with Axelsdotter Bakery.

A timeline: LGBTQ+ in Scandinavia and the United States

It's the beginning of June which to many also means the start of Pride-month. Although this year, just like last year, the pride movement may be celebrated differently than previous years, the fight for equal rights among minorities and the LGBTQ+ community is having an upswing around the world. 





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