Who doesn’t like a crisp savory waffle? The Swedes sure do, so much that they even celebrate a National Waffle Day that occurs on March 25 every year. 
According to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, an increasing number of Swedish women are having children after the age of 45. Statistics from the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare show that in 2022, the...
It's National Marzipan Day in Sweden! You got to love Swedes and their national pastry days. But what better way to celebrate than to make these delicious bite-sized treats that have been blessing the Swedes tastebuds for centuries? We are, of course, talking about the Swedish 'Punschrulle', or better known in Sweden as a 'dammsugare'
Vardagslyx! Ever heard of that word? It directly translates to "everyday luxury" in Swedish and is something the Swedes will loudly exclaim when we treat ourselves to something without any real reason to. And so we, at Swedes in the States, decided that our readers deserved some vardagslyx on this lovely Monday.