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The end of an era: Saga Pastry + Sandwich shuts its...

The beloved restaurant, Saga Pastry + Sandwich, founded by the Norwegian chef, Gert Kvalsund, will be closing its doors on May 22.

Recipe: Norwegian Lefse

The Norwegian Lefse is one of the most popular Norwegian dishes and a staple recipe in the Scandinavian cookbook. This delicious potato flatbread can be served multiple ways, either with butter and brown sugar or if you are looking for a more savory option, with hot dogs. The options are many but the foundation of the recipe remains the same.

How & Why Norwegians Celebrate ‘Syttende Mai’

Perhaps even the most important day of the year to them. The 17th of May celebrations are so grand in Norway, that it's hard for neighboring countries, or even countries like the U.S., where plenty of Norwegians have immigrated, to miss the importance of this date, and the celebrations that follow.

The Nazi Occupation of Denmark: This Is How The Danes Honor...

Denmark regularly makes its way to the top of lists like "Happiest People", "The Best Countries to Live In", and "The Best Countries To Be A Parent". The entire Danish culture and the country is influenced by a care-free, happy, and laid back way of living. Which makes it all the harder to imagine the rough times the Danes had to endure during the Nazi occupation of Denmark during WW2.

Recipe: World’s Best Cake – Kvæfjordkake

The Scandinavians are known for their pastries and cakes. But did you know that the Norwegians claim to be the inventors of the best cake the world has ever seen? Called 'Verdens Beste Kake' (World's Best Cake) or for when they are feeling humble, Kvæfjordkake.

Meet Gert Kvalsund: The Norwegian Chef behind Saga Pastry + Sandwich

Gert Kvalsund left his safe haven in Moltustranda, a small island town on the westernmost tip of Norway, for Las Vegas in 1995. Since then this Norwegian chef has held a number of roles in the restaurant scene in Vegas, but it was not until late 2018, when he opened the doors to Saga + Pastry Sandwich, that he could truly honor his Scandinavian heritage with his lifelong craft.





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