Finland’s UNESCO Sites Are Just As Amazing As You Would Expect...

Finland's UNESCO sites are full of interesting and historical buildings. Let’s take a look!

What is Hygiene of Sweden really all about?

Hygiene of Sweden is the small family-owned sanitizing company that has made quite the splash since entering the U.S. market late last year. With a non-alcohol based formula, they have managed to set themselves apart from other sanitizing companies in a time where a lot of pressure has been put on the industry to keep up with demand. 

Alfablót: The Viking Way of Honouring The Dead

This unique, pagan holiday was celebrated in the Scandinavian region, thousands of years ago, towards the end of autumn. The timing of this holiday wasn’t a coincidence.

These are the best new hotels in Scandinavia, according to National...

The National Geographic recently published its list of the world's best new hotels: The Big Sleep Awards. Three Nordic hotels found their way to the list, only adding to the travel fever we are all probably already having.

11 Nordic photographers, you should follow on Instagram

Everyone is probably a bit guilty of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram a few times a day, especially in times where many of us are required to work from home. But instead of aimlessly scrolling, why not let yourself be swept away to the beautiful Nordics by these talented photographers, who manage to capture the beauty of the Nordic landscapes, cities and wildlife.

This is the best university in Scandinavia

According to ARWU, Academic Ranking of World Universities, also known as the Shanghai Ranking, the best university in Scandinavia can be found in Denmark





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