Since the food (and schnapps) is a very vital part of every midsummer celebration, we have decided to compile a Midsummer menu with the full recipes at hand for you to try. If you're not the baking/ cooking type, make sure to support your local Scandinavian caterer/café/restaurant.
The midsummer weekend is finally upon us. If you are Swedish or lucky enough to have a Swede in your closest group of friends, the magic and excitement of midsummer can be felt in the air, no matter where in the world you are. 
Swedes in the States Annual Midsummer Guide is here!
Swedish National Day is here! This day is a chance to get out there and celebrate everything that Sweden stands for. Perhaps you’ll be in Stockholm, attending the celebrations at Skansen. Or perhaps you will be in Los Angeles celebrating the Swedish National Day at the Swedes in the States fika pop-up this Saturday?