Recipe: Sticky Chocolate Cake (Kladdkaka) with Pumpkin Chai Cheesecake Swirl

For as long as I can remember, this cake has had its given place at the table whenever my friends and I would get together for an after school or a weekend fika. It’s just the kind of cake that exactly everyone loves, and that everyone can make. This is a fall version, combined with another favorite thing of mine: cheesecake!

Meet Viking Spirits Inc.: Bringing Scandinavian wine & spirits to the...

Viking Spirits Inc was founded with the mission to bring fine Nordic spirits to the United States. Behind the company is native Swede Daniel Borg and his co-founder Daniel Hoggar, originally from the UK. Their love for spirits and Scandinavia took these European software engineers on an adventure to bring Nordic spirits to the United States.

The Most Haunted Places in Scandinavia

Being some of the oldest monarchies in the world, you would think the Scandinavian countries are the perfect breeding ground for ghosts and the supernatural. Old castles, fortresses and palaces - Denmark, Sweden, and Norway are anything but "lagom" when it comes to their rich, and somewhat spooky, history.

Alexander Skarsgård Explains The Concept of “Jantelagen”

Jantelagen, the law of Jante, a well-known Nordic concept and code of conduct which, according to Wikipedia, portrays doing things out of the ordinary, being overtly personally ambitious, or not conforming, as unworthy and inappropriate.

RECIPE: Swedish Kladdkaka

Here's a simple recipe for the Swedish Kladdkaka, which is similar to molten chocolate cake. Remember that everyone like's their Kladdkaka with different levels of gooeyness in the middle. The runnier and softer you want it to be, the shorter it should be in the oven.

Borgvattnet: The most haunted house in Sweden

In the deep forests of Jämtland stands a lonely vicarage. At first glance, this old country house might not look like much to the world but this house has a dark past that pales in comparison to many other places in Sweden.





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