“If the virus doesn’t go to Zlatan, Zlatan goes to the...

In typical Zlatan fashion, the football superstar has launched a campaign called 'Kick the Virus Out' to raise money in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recipe: Everything You Need To Make The Ultimate Swedish Waffle

We've gathered everything you need from a recipe to the right type of waffle iron, to the traditional toppings that we use. Smaklig måltid!

Laid-Off SAS Airline Employees To Receive Medical Training To Support Hospitals

Amidst the coronavirus crisis, it’s no surprise that one of the hardest-hit industries is tourism and aviation. In fact, Scandinavian Airlines (Also known as SAS) has temporarily laid off about 10,000 of their staff, or about 90% of its workforce, as demand for flights has virtually disappeared after many countries closed off their borders.

Why Do Swedes Celebrate National Waffle Day?

Who doesn’t like a crisp savory waffle? The Swedes sure do, so much that they even celebrate a National Waffle Day that occurs on March 25 every year. 

Danish Grocery Store Uses Simple Hack to Stop Sanitizer Hoarders

Hand sanitizer has become a scarce commodity around the world, including Denmark. People have started to hoard this anti-bacterial gel to the extent that stores and even hospitals are running out. However, one manager of a grocery store had a genius way to stop hoarders.

Nordic Restaurants You Can Support During The Lockdown

As a community, and especially a tight-knit one like the Nordic community in the United States, we all need to come together to keep our Nordic businesses alive.



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