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11 misconceptions about Sweden that make Swedes facepalm

If you're a Swede in America, you've definitely heard your fair share of comments and misconceptions about Sweden, which probably just makes you want to bury your face in your hands and cry (but you don't, cause you're Swedish).

Recipe: Swedish Dammsugare [Punschrulle]

It's National Marzipan Day in Sweden! You got to love Swedes and their national pastry days. But what better way to celebrate than to make these delicious bite-sized treats that have been blessing the Swedes tastebuds for centuries? We are, of course, talking about the Swedish 'Punschrulle', or better known in Sweden as a 'dammsugare'

The Swedish Language Council introduces 36 new words into the Swedish...

If you're a fan of Swedish, get ready to add some new words to your vocabulary. The Swedish Language Council has just introduced 36 new words, including 'Coronabubbla' and 'Domedagsskrollande', to the language. Every year, the Language Council, Språkrådet - a department within the Institute of Language and Folklore, publishes a list of new words that have entered the Swedish language and is being actively used by the general public. Just like last year, the majority of the words on this year's list are related to the pandemic.

How to Lagom: An American Tries 10 Swedish Hacks that Promise...

Sweden is constantly ranked as one of the happiest, healthiest, and most innovative nations. It is home to some of the most valuable nordic companies (IKEA and H&M); and, not surprisingly, the country of Sweden has The Best Reputation in the World. Which makes some of us non-Swedes wonder: Swedes, why are you so great?? 

A Swedish version of ‘The Crown’ set to premiere in 2022

The Netflix Original show 'The Crown' is the streaming giant's most popular show of all time. And now Swedish TV is catching on to the concept. According to Aftonbladet, the Swedish tv networks TV4 and Cmore are collaborating on a show intended to depict the lives of the Swedish royals, starting with the early life of Carl XVI Gustav, Sweden's present-day regent.

Recipe: LusseSemla – The perfect mix between a Lussebulle and a...

The Swedish Lussebulle has long been a popular pastry, served at Christmas and around Lucia in Sweden. Although the lussebulle is one of the Swede's most beloved baked goods, they still can't keep themselves from inventing new variations of the bun. Last year, the lussesemla became a new phenomenon - and it's unsurprisingly pretty darn good.





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