SACC brings the Swedish trend ‘Plogga’ to Chicago on World Cleanup...

Last week, on World Cleanup Day, the Swedish- American Chamber of Commerce in Chicago took the sustainable Plogga trend to the lakefront in Chicago for World Cleanup Day. The global event has gathered more than 50 million volunteers across 180 countries over the past couple of years.

Recipe: Swedish Sandwich Cake with Pumpkin, Honey Goat Cheese, and Prosciutto

Smörgåstårta is one of my favorite Swedish foods, and it tops the list of all the things I need to eat when I am back visiting in Sweden (it’s a pretty lengthy list!). Growing up, no birthday or celebration was complete without a Smörgåstårta – it’s such a festive and versatile dish! From the classics such as ham + cheese and shrimp + eggs to more bold and experimental ones such as roast beef and horseradish, club sandwich, or this one: a fall-inspired cake with savory pumpkin bread, goat cheese, and honey-roasted figs and pears!

These are Norway’s 8 UNESCO world heritage sites

Earlier this week, Norwegians worldwide celebrated Norway's Independence Day, Syttende Mai. In honor of the day, we are continuing on with our Norwegian-themed week with a short introduction to the 8 world heritage wonders of Norway.

How Prince Philip was connected to Denmark and the Danish throne

The prince had been married to the Queen of England for 73 years and the prince consort. Although he was never king of England, before he married Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip was not only in the line of succession to the Greek throne but also the Danish throne.

Sweden’s Very Own Viking Wonder Woman

Ten years ago, archaeologists and historians found the remains of what seemed to be a fierce warrior in the Viking Age town, Birka, in Sweden. Buried together with two horses and war equipment, the warrior was originally thought to have been a man because of the items found in the grave. Turns out archeologists assumed incorrectly.

Recipe: Swedish Vanilla Custard Hearts

Buttery, cream filled and vanilla?! What more could you want in a cookie treat? This recipe is written by Ingrid Schatz in collaboration with Axelsdotter Bakery.





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