These Nordic Countries Consume The Most Coffee In The World &...

Surprisingly, or not, the Nordic countries are the top coffee consumers in the world.

Saga Pastry + Sandwich: Nevada’s most valuable Scandinavian treasure

Not many Scandi-lovers could have missed the appetizing pictures of waffles and sandwiches from Saga Pastry + Sandwich on Instagram. The small restaurant opened in Las Vegas two years ago and is the heart project of Norwegian chef, Gert Kvalsund.

Sweden Hills: The Swedish village in Japan

Did you know that there is a place in Japan that looks exactly like Sweden? Where the houses are painted red with white corners -- just like a typical Swedish villa!

Henrik Lundqvist opens up about his heart surgery

Last year, Henrik Lundqvist left the New York Rangers after "" years with the team. The legendary Swedish goalkeeper shared a heartfelt goodbye to his former club and moved on to Washington Capitals. Shortly after, Henrik Lundqvist had to cancel the season, due to a heart problem.

Sweden ditches Harvard experiment to dim the sun funded by Bill...

The Swedish space agency is backing down from its decision to participate in an experiment to dim the sun from the town of Esrange, Kiruna in Northern Sweden. >The experiment named, SCoPEx, Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment, has received backing from Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program who claims Bill Gates as one of its private donors.

How About A $500 Princess Cake Bag?

There are not many things more Swedish than the beloved Princess Cake, and it seems that this Danish Etsy Shop has decided to take the Scandinavians love for pastry a step further, and create cake bags. Yes, you heard that right. You can now purchase a Swedish Princess cake bag to go with that blue IKEA bag dress.





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