Swedish-American astronaut Jessica Meir makes Times 100 Most Influential list

The Swedish-American astronaut Jessica Ulrika Meir, who is the first female Swedish citizen to ever go to space, has been nominated as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Times Magazine. She shares the nomination with her colleague Christina Koch.

This is the best hotel in Scandinavia, according to Condé Nast

Condé Nast recently released their annual Gold List of the best hotels in the world for 2020. Every year, editors and contributors around the world put together the list of the absolute best hotels in the world, experienced from their own perspective. Although the list was packed with some pretty gorgeous hotels, only one Scandinavian hotel made the list.

Nordic Countries Likely to Experience “Baby Bust” After Coronavirus Pandemic is...

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people believed that being cooped up indoors for months at a time would lead to a baby boom — that is, a noticeable rise in the birth rate. However, a recent study by the London School of Economics thinks otherwise.

Sweden Is Home To The Greenest City In The World

When you think of sustainability, what city comes to mind? Oslo? Zurich? San Francisco? While these are all excellent answers, the actual answer is situated off the Göta Älv river on the west coast of Sweden...

Denmark Breaks Record in Amount of Bottles Recycled

In 2019, there were more than 1.4 billion bottles and cans recycled around the world, saving the Earth from more than 150,000 tons of CO2. Out of those cans, 62 million were recycled in Denmark last year — or 92% of the entire circulation of bottles in the country. The year before, 89% of bottles were recycled.

These are the most popular names in Iceland

Iceland is a unique country in every single way. From their breathtaking nature to their mystical beliefs in the supernatural and fairies to the cuisine, which includes more types of fermented foods than any of their other Nordic neighbors. 



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