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2019 is coming to an end, and with only one day left of the year, we at Swedes in the States are slowly closing this chapter, and looking forward to the new year. But before we move ahead with all the exciting things we have in store for you in 2020, let’s take a look at some of your favorite articles from 2019.

The list is in no particular order, and interviews have been excluded from the list.

The World’s Oldest Tree Lives in Sweden

The world’s oldest tree, Old Tjikko, is a 9,500-year-old Norwegian Spruce tree that was discovered in …

5 Differences Between Dating in Sweden vs the States

To ask someone out on a date has always been a part of American dating culture, but the Swedes didn’t really have a structured dating culture until …

15 Swedish Snacks Delivered To Your Door By Amazon

For the Scandinavians living in cities like New York and Los Angeles, there is the option to visit one of the countless Scandinavian bakeries or candy stores. And then, of course, there’s always IKEA. But when you have the convenience of Amazon at your fingertips, why even bother to make that trip when you’re feeling lazy? And for you Americans that are curious to know what makes the Swedes go bananas, look no further.

What you didn’t know about the Scandinavians onboard the Titanic

Do you recall Sven and Olaf?

The two Scandinavians that Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) beat in poker, effectively getting himself and Fabrizio aboard the RMS Titanic with third-class tickets?

All You Need To Know About The Semla, Swedens Most Beloved Pastry

The tradition is centuries old but the day keeps getting more popular, and creative variations of the semla keep popping up each year. With its two-layer bun made of wheat and cardamom, stuffed with almond paste under a cover of thick layered whipped cream, its no wonder that an estimated six million Semlor are sold in one single day, during Fat Tuesday …

The Quotes By Greta Thunberg That Inspired Thousands To School Strike For The Climate

If Greta’s message wasn’t already clear, here are some of her quotes that inspired so many to take action against a pending climate catastrophe, that will send chills down your spine …

You Don’t Have to go to IKEA to Buy These Swedish Foods – They are on Amazon

IKEA. The store that will have Swedes travel unrealistic distances, just to buy candles, stock up on flädersaft (elderflower juice), or candy. Which has them ignore all sense of financial responsibility with “just one or two things” turning into an 800 dollar receipt, and said Swede relentlessly trying to fit four sofas into their Volvo, while their non-Swedish partner/friend/just a random bystander wonders how this obsession with our favorite Swedish store is even possible.

Norwegian Air Cancels Hundreds of Flights to the United States

The Oslo-based budget airline is cutting hundreds of regular winter flights from its schedule thanks to a new business model …

These Are The Best Paying Jobs in Sweden

It’s no secret that salaries vary quite a bit between the U.S. and Sweden. The discussion on whether or not one would prefer to have a higher salary, pay less in taxes and in turn have less of a governmental safety net versus a lower salary, higher taxes and in turn being able to go to sleep at night knowing that healthcare, education, and retirement are all taken care of, has always been a hot topic, especially on Swedes in the States platforms.

But what if you can have it all? A high salary, lower taxes, AND a governmental safety net? Well, look no further, these are the jobs in Sweden you need to apply for.

SAS Pilot Strike Comes To An End – And Now Tickets Might Be Cheaper

Scandinavian Airlines, SAS, har just announced that the week-long pilot strike has come to an end.

It was last week that Swedes in the States published an article about the negotiations between SAS and the pilot’s representatives at the Swedish National Mediation Office had collapsed.

Sweden Hills – the Swedish looking village in Japan

Did you know that there is a place in Japan that looks exactly like Sweden? Where the houses are painted red with white corners — just like a typical Swedish villa!

This beautiful town is located on the island Hokkaido, approximately 19 miles from Sapporo, the island’s largest town.


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