It’s no secret that salaries vary quite a bit between the U.S. and Sweden. The discussion on whether or not one would prefer to have a higher salary, pay less in taxes and in turn have less of a governmental safety net versus a lower salary, higher taxes and in turn being able to go to sleep at night knowing that healthcare, education, and retirement are all taken care of, has always been a hot topic, especially on Swedes in the States platforms.

But what if you can have it all? A high salary, lower taxes, AND a governmental safety net? Well, look no further, these are the jobs in Sweden you need to apply for.

1. Bank, Finance and Insurance Executives (level I)

Perhaps not the best job in the world for your stress levels, but with an average salary of 124,100 SEK (= $ 13,300) a month, we’re guessing this specific group of people aren’t really complaining.

The top executives in these industries are on average the highest earners in Sweden, with the many of them actually making a lot more than the above-mentioned salary, thanks to their staggering bonuses.

2. Broker 

Aaaand we haven’t left the lucrative world of finance just yet. Second on the list of highest earners in Sweden are the brokers in finance. With the average salary coming in at around 82 500 SEK (= $8,900). Brokers usually work with a partly commission based salary, meaning that the really good ones could bring home more than 1-2 million SEK (= 100-200k $)

3. Physicians 

According to statistics from the Swedish Medical Association, an experienced brain surgeon earns on an average 900,000 SEK a year, totaling around $ 8,000 a month. Guessing that’s only fair with around 12 years of higher education needed to become a specialist doctor.

4. Government Executives

These executives are among the best-paid government employees. Naturally, the salary for these executives varies depending on which organization they are the head of. The head of The Swedish Transport Administration, for example, makes around 170,000 SEK a month (= $18,300) while the head of The Swedish Gene Technology Advisory Board makes around 70,000 SEK (=$7,500) a month.

Why do the salaries between the two differ so much? Good question. We don’t know. But the average salary for government executives is around 76,400 SEK (= $8,200) a month. Quite an okay amount of cheddar.

5. Managing Directors/ CEO’s

Not sure if we are much the wiser knowing that the average salary for Managing Directors and CEO’s in Sweden is around 75 800 SEK (= $8,200) a month. In this specific category, it’s important to remember the wide range of companies that have a CEO or Managing Director.

6. CFO’s 

Average monthly salary: 71 500 SEK (= $7,700)

7.Bank, Finance and Insurance Executives (level II)

Average monthly salary: 71 200 SEK (= $7,700)

8. Research and R&D Executives 

Average monthly salary: 69 800 (= $7,500)

9. Head of clinics and operations – Healthcare 

Average monthly salary: 68 400 SEK (= $7,380)

10. IT Executives

Average monthly salary: 66 400 SEK (= $7,160)


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