Say what you will about Scandinavian cuisine. Fermented herring isn’t for everyone but if there is something we do really well, it’s desserts.

We decided to round up some of our favorite cake recipes for you to enjoy.

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1. Princess cake

The Swedish princess cake is a must on every Swede’s birthday. If you didn’t get one, the birthday basically didn’t count. It’s no wonder this marzipan dream has almost become a national cake in Sweden.

2. Kvæfjordkake

The worlds best cake according to the Norwegians. Try this recipe out and see for yourself.

3. Kladdkaka

This is a gooey, sticky version of molten lava cake. Serve with whipped cream and raspberries and you will be forever hooked on this heaven sent cake.

4. Strawberry Cake

Bulle Bakery usually creates artisan Swedish cinnamon buns for the lucky residents of Los Angeles but being friends and all, they decided to share their Strawberry Cake recipe with us, and it is divine.

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