SACC-SF/SV’s “Global Questions, Local Answers” series is aimed at answering your questions related to being a global citizen in the Bay Area.

Many of our members struggle with the same types of issues: How do you handle banking, taxation, immigration, financial planning, healthcare, real estate if you are new to the US or if you’ve been here for 10 years but plan to retire in Sweden? How do you handle that inheritance you will be getting from Sweden? How can you tap into SACC’s network and other international networks here in the Bay Area to expand your business or advance your career? Are there tips for getting acclimated to the Bay Area business culture or tips for dealing with cross-cultural issues?

Each Global Questions, Local Answers workshop focus on a particular theme. The workshops are held in a smaller, interactive boardroom style format that allows maximum interaction between the attendees and experts.

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, 15th of November, 2018



The Official Account of SACC SF/SV

The Official Account of SACC SF/SV

We are a dynamic business organization serving as a gateway for companies and professionals interested in the Bay Area and Swedish business environments. We provide crucial business services to Swedish and American companies and professionals, produce a number of high-profile networking events throughout the year and bring valuable opportunities to our members and their ventures.
The Official Account of SACC SF/SV

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