If you’re a fan of Swedish, get ready to add some new words to your vocabulary. The Swedish Language Council has just introduced 36 new words, including ‘Coronabubbla’ and ‘Domedagsskrollande’, to the language.

Every year, the Language Council, Språkrådet – a department within the Institute of Language and Folklore, publishes a list of new words that have entered the Swedish language and is being actively used by the general public. Just like last year, the majority of the words on this year’s list are related to the pandemic.

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Here are some of the words that have been introduced:


Translation: Corona bubble

Conditions where contact with outsiders is restricted to prevent the spread of the coronavirus


Translation: Corona dog

Dog acquired as a pet during the corona pandemic


Translation: Doomsday scrolling

Excessive consumption of media reporting with a negative content


Fear of normality


A person who is part of a criminal network and uses social media to show off their lifestyle

Generation Corona

Group of young people whose health, relationships, education or situation in the labor market are affected by the corona pandemic


Translation: Hybrid meeting

Meeting where participants can participate both physically and digitally


Translation: Crypto art

Digital art where authenticity is documented through a unique code


Pimples and other skin problems caused by wearing a mouth guard or visor


A virtual reality where digital technology makes it possible to experience things that today require physical presence


Translation: Wall of Kindness

A place where people can give away clothes, for example


Translation: Ghost kitchen

A restaurant where the menu is offered only for pick-up or drop-off


Translation: Zoom exhaustion

Mental exhaustion that occurs as a result of many video encounters

To see the full list, check out The Swedish Langauge Council’s website.

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