Swedish Easter Traditions: A step-by-step guide


Ready to add some Swedish flair into your Easter celebrations? We’ve put together a fun list of must-have decorations, delicious eats, and refreshing drinks to bring a taste of Sweden right to your home!

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Pussy willow branches


If you can’t find pussy willow branches at your local flower shop or grocery store, Amazon has a wide variety of artificial pussy willow branches. 


Colorful feathers


Attach these feathers to your pussywillow, or any branches that you might have around, for the ultimate easter decoration.


With just these two items and a bit of wire, Swedes attach the colorful feathers to the branches and arrange them in a vase. It should resemble something like this:

Swedish Easter Decoration. Photo credit: Swedes in the States


Easter Egg with candy


There are a couple of stores where you can get a traditional Swedish Easter Egg and fill it with candy:


Bon Bon – a Swedish Candy co

As of last year, you can also find the classic paper mache easter eggs at World Market. Simply swing by your nearest location or order them online, along with a bag of pick-and-mix from Sweetish and you are set.





While we don’t want to come across as a bunch of raging alcoholics, it’s widely acknowledged that one of the essential items on any Easter (or frankly, any holiday) table is the snaps. Thanks to convenient services like Instacart, Wine.com, and Uber Eats, getting your hands on this traditional Scandinavian liquor is a breeze. For those seeking recommendations, esteemed brands like Åhus Akvavit and Norden Spirits come highly recommended.


Pickled Herring


Is there anything equally as loved and hated as pickled herring when it comes to Swedish food? Probably not. If you can’t find pickled herring at your local store, the Swedish brand, ABBA, can be found on Amazon.

We also found an incredible pickled herring selection at Scandinavian Butik, a Connecticut-based mom-and-pop shop dedicated solely to Scandinavian goods. From what we’ve gathered, they offer some of the most competitively priced herring in the U.S 


Cheese holds a special place in the hearts of many, and Swedes are no exception. As the temperatures climb and spring blossoms, Swedes often unveil the renowned Västerbotten ost. While securing Västerbotten cheese in the U.S. can be a bit of a challenge some Scandinavian stores offer a close alternative called Priest XO. We found it in stock at Scandinavian Butik.

Recipe: How to make Västerbotten pie & where to find Swedish cheese in the U.S.

Kalles Kaviar and Roe

Swedes love roe in all shapes and forms. One product you are guaranteed to find in every Swede’s fridge is Kalles Kaviar. The fish egg paste isn’t for everyone, but it goes so well with hardboiled eggs that we have to include it on the list. Kalles Kaviar can be easily found on Amazon. 

Whitefish Roe, known as Löjrom in Sweden, can typically be found in most grocery stores. If you can’t find whitefish roe, salmon roe works as a great substitute. Swedes will use roe on pretty much everything from their eggs to their toast. One popular dish featuring roe is Toast Skagen. Check out this delightful recipe by the Swedish chef Johan Magnusson from Big Swede BBQ:

Recipe: Toast Skagen With A Twist

Cured Salmon

Cured salmon is a staple on practically every single holiday table in Sweden, whether served as a standalone dish or incorporated into another delicacy like smörgåstårta. Fortunately, it’s readily available in the U.S.

[Recipe] Swedish Sandwich Cake – Smörgåstårta



In Sweden, marzipan is often associated with Sweden’s most famous cake, the Princess Cake. However, during Easter, it’s customary to purchase chicken- or egg-shaped marzipan candies. Whether you’re planning to bake your own Princess Cake or create marzipan figures, Amazon is your go-to destination. You can find Scandinavian marzipan for the cake here and marzipan for shaping and coloring here.

And below you’ll find the recipe for an Easter-themed Princess Cake:

Recipe: Swedish Easter Princess Cake


Glad påsk!


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