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Jakke Erixon.
Roland Topf and Elysia.
Marilene Sundberg.
Jennifer Åkerman// The Final Child
Martin Erlandsson from The Wine Team presenting a “Nubbe”.

The main sponsors of the evening – The Humble Co.
Natalie Söderberg, Swedes in the States founder, and Fei Fang, founder at Elsa & Rose.
Hanna Ving, Margaretha Laseen, Hans Bratt and Viveca Bratt from the Swedish Church Los Angeles.
Caterer, Food by Emily, Emily Glarner-Chan.

Marilene Sundberg.
Roland Topf from Rekorderlig, Swedes in the States founder Natalie Söderberg, Jimmie Berggren from The Humble Co., and Martin Erlandsson from The Wine Team.

Pelle Hillström and Jennifer Åkerman.
Roland Topf, Frans Sjö, Elysia and Bashar.
Sarah and Ezra Reich from Bulle Bakery.

Marie Erixon and Fei Fang.
Jennifer Åkerman, Josef Csongei and Marilene Sundberg.

Helan går..
Jimmie Berggren from The Humble Co. presenting a “Nubbe”.
Our Swedish “Nubbar” was presented by Åhus Akvavit.
The wine served from the evening was a Pinot Grigio from Casa Marrone.
Marcus Anzengruber and Fei Fang.
Hans Bratt from the Swedish Church and Jakob Freudendahl


Swedes in the States

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