How Scandinavians made traveling more efficient


Scandinavian efficiency has become somewhat of a stereotype. The capability of Danish, Swedish and Norwegian people to deal with everything that life brings them and to keep a smile on their faces at the end of every day is something that has passed from one generation to the next.

From a very young age, Scandinavians are taught to take responsibility for their lives both socially as well as professionally. That responsibility is enhanced by the strong “Do It Yourself” mentality that trains the brain to work more practically. From IKEA to Lego, the world sees the people of the Nordics as a society that manages to find solutions to every problem. 

Finding Solutions and Being Productive

Scandinavians are known for their ability to be practical both in terms of their everyday life as well as in terms of doing business. For example, Norwegian Air was the first airline to offer free inflight Wi-Fi to its customers. You can be on a flight from Oslo to Stockholm, and instead of counting minutes until the plane lands at Arlanda Airport, passengers were able to go online and enjoy the popular game Mega Moolah at Being able to access the Internet during a flight might not feel like such a big deal, but it is definitely better than just sitting on a seat not knowing what to do for several hours. 

Practicality does not only apply to traveling, and it is definitely not limited to the IKEA-like businesses. For the people of Scandinavia, DIY is a way of life, and by adopting this lifestyle approach, individuals find ways to deal with everyday life more effectively. From easily commuting through the metropolitan areas of Copenhagen, Stockholm, or Oslo to surviving alongside the reindeer in the lands mostly occupied by the Sami, Scandinavians have a unique way of living happily and of not worrying about issues that trouble the different societies in the rest of Europe.

Visiting Scandinavia this Summer

The Scandinavian countries are seeing summer 2021 as a turning point for their economy. The economy took a really big hit over the course of the last few months, and many Scandinavian companies were almost at the point of no return. For instance, Norwegian Air was one step away from declaring bankruptcy, but as of June 2021, it feels like the tide has turned for the Bærum based airline. One of the most popular low-budget airlines in Europe is back on its feet, and it is ready to take travelers both to destinations in the Nordics as well as to popular Mediterranean locations. After all, it is no secret that Scandinavians love the seaside areas of Spain, Portugal, and Greece. 

If you are looking for sunny beaches and for turquoise waters, then Denmark, Sweden, and Norway are probably not going to do the job for you. On the other hand, if you want to explore the endless landscapes of the European North and if you want to experience almost two months of nothing but daylight, then you should check the guidelines about how to travel to Scandinavia. Exploring Denmark is relatively easy as the country is pretty small, and you can see every part of this beautiful kingdom within a few days. In terms of Norway, there is no better place if you want to explore the fjords or to eat the best-tasting salmon. As for Sweden, all you will have to do is rent a car and drive through its 450.000 square kilometers.   


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