The Swedish way of welcoming spring is by celebrating Valborg.

Normally, in Sweden, a huge fire is lit, songs are sung and perhaps some “korv med bröd”(=hotdogs) is served. Usually, the teens will take the holiday as an opportunity to get some partying done, and the cops will share comedic posts about the “drunken” cells that they have waiting for anyone who gets too drunk.

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However, celebrating Valborg in the United States might be a little bit different. In Los Angeles for example, starting huge fires just for tradition’s sake, is naturally not allowed. But that didn’t stop the Swedes in LA – the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and The Swedish Church in Los Angeles arranged a Valborg celebration at the Angelica Lutheran Church in central LA.


The small, but safe, Valborg fires.

Nicky Rosenberg and Rebecca Hartill, the cheery interns at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Los Angeles.
Marcus Eliasson and Christer Sörensson from the Swedish Church in Los Angeles


Welcome spring!

Swedes in the States

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