One of Sweden’s most important holidays, Midsummer, took place this weekend. With the out of the ordinary (for most Americans, at least) celebrations across the U.S., it must have been hard to miss. In Los Angeles, The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce hosted their annual midsummer event, this time at a rooftop in Santa Monica. Over 500 people RSVPed and about 350 showed up.

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Swedes in the States was naturally to document the event!

(All images belong to Swedes in the States)

Margareta Saperston, headmaster of Svenska Skolan, Los Angeles with a friend.

Malina Bickford from Åhus Akvavit.
Nicky Rosenberg from SACC LA.

Malina Bickford’s Swedish nails.
Swedes in the States founder, Natalie Söderberg.

Noora Katriina Cast, Daisy Leng, and Shirley Salåki.
Elina Sundqvist with friends.


Ezra and Sarah from Bulle Bakery


Minna Madzunkova and friend.
Natalie Söderberg and Sophie Angner

Roland Topf from Rekorderlig Cider with Swedish friends.

Carolina Bernzt and friend.

Roland Topf from Rekorderlig Cider and Natalie Söderberg from Swedes in the States.

Thank you for an amazing midsummer celebration SACC LA! Here with interns Nicky Rosenberg and Julia Wennberg. Simon Pettersson to the left.



Swedes in the States

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