IKEA Will Be Entirely Meat-Free This Christmas 


If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to be healthier in 2020, why not start early? 

IKEA UK is planning to go completely meat-free this Christmas by rehauling its menu. The decision comes at a time when IKEA is moving towards providing affordable and planet-friendly food. 

“As part of our commitment to supporting our customers to live healthier and more sustainable lives, we have decided to launch our first-ever ‘Meat-Free Christmas’ in our restaurants,” IKEA said in a statement. “[…] we really want to encourage our customers to try something new this year.”

Instead of meat, IKEA UK will offer a mouthwatering menu that will please even the pickiest eaters. Some of the dishes that you will find on the menu include vegan Root Vegetable Tart Tatin, vegan mince pies, traditional Brussels sprouts, vegetarian Brie and Cranberry Open Tarts, and more. 

The dishes will be part of IKEA’s £5 lunchtime offer and will be available in stores starting November 4. 

This move comes as no surprise as big supermarket chains are following the trend to include more vegetarian and vegan meals in their menu. IKEA joins commercial giants such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Iceland, Waitrose, Aldi, and Marks & Spencer, who have already unveiled their Christmas menus.

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  1. This is repulsive. It is in *no way* necessarily more ‘healthy’ to eat a vegan/vegetarian diet – it’s making an aggressive assumption about consumer habits, borderline moral.

    There are 100x more options to consider issues such as ‘sustainability’ that can be universally value (aka ‘lesser packaging’) that won’t have any negative impact on the customer experience or opt to make value judgements for them.

    By all means – offer vegan/vegetarian choices, but don’t force them.

    Disgusting. Shame on IKEA. You’re the new WeWork.

  2. Alternatives are always great, but “meat free” I do not agree with! I’m so disappointing with IKEA’s food department and restaurant anyway, so I really don’t care anymore! Just wonder if they should even have the right to the Swedish flag in front of the store anymore?? The quality of the food have steadily declined through the years and are now below bottom! After living in USA for 43 years and really enjoying the first few years of IKEA’s food department it is sad to witness. That a big company like IKEA can have such poor marketing and inventory control is pathetic! I’m happy to give other stores my business!


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