SAS Airlines Donates Unused Airplane Food to Charities


While coronavirus has kept the travel industry grounded — both literally and figuratively — SAS Airlines has found a simple yet smart solution for their unused airline food. 

The airline is making sure that its stocked airline food goes to different food organizations across Sweden, Norway, and Denmark instead of into the trash bin.

SAS recently wrote in a LinkedIn post: “These days 4,200 packages with our finest chocolate are handed out to Danes in need in several cities across Sealand.” 

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The chocolates have been collected and distributed by the Danish organization Stop Spild Lokalt (Stop Waste Locally, a charity organization where more than 600 volunteers are helping supermarkets and other major companies (such as SAS) to minimize their waste by distributing 20 tons of extra food daily to people in need. 

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“They are so delicious,” says Antonie Brask Andersen, 68, “I have no other income than my state pension, so this means a lot. As money is sparse, I don’t have room in my budget to buy products like these.”

SAS Operations Manager Betina Larsen notes, “Most of the people receiving the free food are pinching pennies. Therefore, it is great that we are not only minimizing waste but at the same time also helping people in need.”

We salute the generous and quick-thinking staff at SAS for taking a negative situation and turning it into something positive!


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