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It's here! Swedes in the States annual guide to where you can get Sweden's most beloved pastry - the semla!
The semla is the most popular pastry in Sweden during January and February. As we previously mentioned in our article about the history of the semla, over 40 million semlor are bought in Sweden every year.  So you can imagine how crazy the Swedes are about this sweet little bun. What simply started out as a bun, soaked in hot milk, grew into a yearly craze among the Swedes with bakeries all around Sweden trying to create different varieties of the pastry.
The tradition is centuries old but the day keeps getting more popular, and creative variations of the semla keep popping up every year. With its two-layer bun made of wheat and cardamom, stuffed with almond paste under a cover of thick layered whipped cream, its no wonder that an estimated six million Semlor are sold in one single day, during Fat Tuesday.