IKEA to open a second-hand store


In a press release, IKEA Sweden confirms that they are opening a second-hand store inside ReTuna Återbruksgalleria, the world’s first recycling mall located in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

ReTuna Återbruksgalleria opened in 2015 in Eskilstuna, a city about an hour away from Stockholm. Everything for sale in the department store has been recycled, repaired, and re-used. In addition to being a department store, ReTuna focuses on sustainability education through workshops, seminars, and other events.

IKEA’s second-hand store is another step towards being one of the leading retailers in sustainability.

“Our second-hand service is one of many examples of how we work with sustainability. Together we must minimize climate changes, and as one of the largest retailers in the world we want to lead and inspire within this movement.” they write on their website.

IKEA has previously taken serious measures to reduce its carbon footprint with moves like banning single-use plastics at their stores, leasing furniture, and cutting down on meat production by introducing vegetarian options to their restaurant and food store.

In their announcement, they say: “Now we are making it easier to extend the life of our furniture. We will buy back and re-sell second hand IKEA furniture in all our [Swedish] department stores. Buy used dining tables, side tables, cabinets, drawers, and many other furniture with a full warranty and normal return policies for a bargain. Or sell the furniture you no longer need. Good for the planet, and the wallet.”

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Vi öppnar second hand-butik i Eskilstuna!💚💚💚💚💚I höst öppnar vi en second hand-butik på ReTuna Återbruksgalleria och…

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In the FAQ section, IKEA mentions that they will not be accepting upholstered furniture like sofas, beds, and armchairs.

This article was originally published on September 14, 2020



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