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The Swedish Strong Mom, or Tilda Loftin, which is her real name, came to Palo Alto, California in 1999. Today she is a mother of two, living in Mill Valley outside San Francisco. She is a personal trainer, owner of fitness company, Coach Tilda and the Head Coach and Co-founder of the app STRONGmom app. Follow this strong Swedish mom for health and fitness inspiration.

Sophie received a full scholarship to play college tennis at a private University in Newport Beach. That was just the start of her California story. She was also featured on the show “Sweden’s Next Top Model”. Her favorite things to do is to go rollerskating by the ocean walk, play paddle tennis in Venice Beach, paint and drink some really good coffee! She is a sporty and creative girl that you should get to know!


From beautiful Helsingborg to amazing Miami, LA and Las Vegas!
Jasmine is a first-time mom to her wonderful son called “Sammy”, she is the founder of the non-profit My Gift located in Las Vegas NV. Together with her husband Sam they live a very adventure-filled life.

Lara McCarthy lives in L.A. together with her husband Greg and daughter Chloe. She writes and produces movies for her production company Slate One Productions. Follow Lara’s journey through the glitz and glamour of Hollywood while trying juggling life as a mom.

Sunny California has been home to Caroline Fröberg for the past 6.5 years. During these years she has earned 2 design degrees and ended up at a design firm in LA. Follow Caroline’s blog for some daily design trends, design do’s and dont’s, the daily life of a creative spirit living in Los Angeles, and much more!

Caroline Garcia moved from Karlskoga to Leksand to pursue a career in hockey but ended up studying in the most exotic state in the U.S., Hawaii. Follow Caroline on her adventures as an army wife and a Swede on the beautiful island of O’ahu.