Why you should follow Sweden’s official Twitter account


From having visitSweden add the entire country on Airbnb to having The Swedish Tourist Association set up a number making it possible for anyone in the world to call the number and talk to a random Swede. Getting to know Sweden has never been easier and more fun.

This twitter account, managed by the Sweden.se team and a moose at the Swedish Institute (kudos to SI for not discriminating against moose when hiring) is a must-follow for not only Swedes but anyone who wants to scroll through beautiful pictures, read informative posts, and indulge in some very Swedish humor.



Swedes like the weekend. And so does Swedish moose.


We’re actually asked to jump into a frozen lake through a carved up hole in the ice, and crawl our way up in middle-school. Not nice.



Did this British expat get it right?

Sweden’s very own beyond-the-wall (it get’s really cold) is also one of the most beautiful places in the country.

Okay, Sweden, don’t act like your mail isn’t set on vacation mode 3 months a year.


But maybe that’s a good thing?

This is true.





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