This All-Natural, French Company is Bringing Us All Back to Basics


It seems like two things were on everybody’s mind this year: all-natural cosmetics and the French (especially after they landed in the World Cup Final!).

If you want to really be on trend — and do your body good– there’s a new French company that has the beauty sphere raving. Comme Avant, which translates to Back to Basics, is one of the most popular all-natural companies in France. And there’s more good news: they recently launched their English site, so now you can channel your inner Parisian and try their products too!



Unlike most beauty companies, Comme Avant had an interesting start. When the two co-founders, a husband and wife team called Nil and Sophie had their first baby, Nael, they wanted to make sure that their son would grow up in an all-natural household. However, whenever they tried to bathe Nael in so-called “natural products,” his skin would be irritated and little red spots would appear everywhere. It turns out that those products had so many extra ingredients, like synthetic moisturizer and alcohol, which actually stripped the skin’s natural moisture. Nil and Sophie spent hours researching and set out to create their own all natural products, and this is how Back to Basics was born.

Although Back to Basics is a new company, their soap-making techniques go back more than 600 years ago. How is that possible? The city that they live in, Marseilles, is known for two famous products: soap and olive oil. When Back to Basics put these two things together, they got some of the most luxuriously gentle soap in the world!

Now that we’ve had a quick recap of their history, let’s check out some of Back to Basics’ most popular products.

Their number one seller is –no surprise– the soap, which only has four ingredients: Sodium Olivate (fat from olive oil), Aqua (water), Glycerine (natural glycerine also derived from olive oil), and Olea Europaea Fruit Oil. The olive oil comes from a small farm in Spain and the water is from Marseille. What’s even more surprising is that each and every piece of soap is hand-made by the family using recipes from their ancestors.

If you’d like to try the soap, you can purchase it HERE

Besides soap, Back to Basics also creates toothpaste, toothbrushes, creams, and even deodorant.

 If you’re looking to transition from toothpaste with a ton of chemicals, their natural Miswak powdered toothpaste should be on your wish list.[/caption]

Fun fact: Miswak is actually a tree stick that people used to brush their teeth hundreds of years ago because it had many health benefits. Back to Basics went a step further and made this stick into a fine powder, which easily turns into toothpaste with a little bit of water. The powder is extremely gentle and won’t harm enamel or gums. In fact, it helps strengthen teeth and create healthier gums while preventing bad breath and plaque. You can buy the toothpaste HERE and the toothbrush HERE.

Last but not least, Back to Basics has an amazing (and universal!) body cream. Like its other products, this cream only has four ingredients including olive oil and shea butter. Thousands of years ago, tribes in Africa considered shea butter to be “white gold” because it kept skin moisturized and soft even in the hot desert sun. Besides using it on the skin, this cream also doubles as a lip balm, cuticle cream, hair styling wax, massage oil, and even as a beard balm!


If you’re looking to step up your beauty routine and add more natural products into the mix, check out Back to Basics on their website or Facebook page.


-This is a sponsored collaboration with Back to Basics –


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