The Scandinavian concept of ‘Myggelig’


Editors note: This article was made as an April fools joke, published on April 1, 2021. There is no Scandinavian concept called ‘Myggelig’.

It seems like the Scandinavians have a number of words to explain ‘cozy’.

The Norwegians call it ‘koselig‘, Swedes call it ‘mysig’, and the Danes call it ‘hygge’. But have you heard of the Scandinavian concept of Myggelig?

A mix of the three Scandinavians words for cozy, Myggelig is the concept of Scandinavian carpet weaving together with your family. What can be cozier than sitting with the people you love – carpet knitting? The Scandinavians really have it all figured out.

The history of Myggelig

In the 1600s, Scandinavia, and Denmark in particular, lost large parts of their population to the black plague. Because of this, the carpet factories in the region would lose the majority of their work staff, hence no carpets were being made.

To anyone who has visited Scandinavia in the winter, you all know how very cold this must have been.

Because of this, family members would take turns, to weave carpets together, in order to keep the family warm. Even after the population recovered from the black plague, the tradition of carpet weaving would still live on.

How to Myggelig

Today, most Scandinavians will meet up with their family or loved ones on a Sunday night, and have dinner, watch TV and sit down for some good old Myggelig. A great way to bond with your family, while keeping warm!


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