Make Your Own Swedish Påskris With This DIY


According to Swedish Easter traditions, we empty out eggs and decorate vines with them. This is part of every Swede’s upbringing. It is simple and you can add any personal touch to it.

The story behind the vines aren’t as joyful as the vines and the colorful feathers are. During the 17th century, when the tradition was first introduced in Sweden, the vines were used to flog members of the family, to remember Jesus pain and sacrifice. Thankfully, we’ve moved away from such traditions since (unless you’re in a sauna), and today Easter is a fun, bright and colorful family holiday.



What you do:

1. Use a needle or a pin to create small holes on the top and the bottom of the egg. Over the sink, gently start blowing out the yolk through one end out the other. After rinsing and drying the eggs, they are ready to be decorated.

2. Create a hoop by tying the string. Tie a small, oval bead to one end and press it through the hole on top of the egg. This creates a good hanger for your egg.

3. In Sweden the eggs are hung in vines, willow branches or thin birch branches, often also decorated with colorful feathers.


This article was originally published on April 6, 2017.


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