15 Swedish Snacks Delivered To Your Door By Amazon


For foreigners living abroad, there’s always the constant hassle of dealing with cravings for something homey and familiar.

For the Scandinavians living in cities like New York and Los Angeles, there is the option to visit one of the countless Scandinavian bakeries or candy stores. And then, of course, there’s always IKEA. But when you have the convenience of Amazon at your fingertips, why even bother to make that trip when you’re feeling lazy? And for you Americans that are curious to know what makes the Swedes go bananas, look no further.

Here’s a list of the Swedes 15 favorite snacks that can be at your door in no time. You’re welcome.

Dumle – Soft Toffee Covered With Milk Chocolate, $8.85/bag



Ahlgrens Bilar – Soft Chewy Marshmallow Cars – 125g, $6.22/bag



OLW Original Cheez Doodles 160g – $15 for 2 bags


Estrella Dip Mix  Holiday 26g – $3.29/package 


Cloetta Polly Original Swedish Milk Chocolate Candy – $9.39/package


Göteborgs Ballerina Kex Biscuits with Nougat Filling 190g – $7.99/package





Läkerol Sugarfree Pastilles 6-Flavor Variety – $19.60/12 pieces


Marabou Mjölkchoklad 200g – $8/bar


OLW Dill & Gräslok Dill & Chives Crisps 175g – $8.10/bag



Malaco Djungelvrål Supersalty Liquorice 80g – $6.55/bag


The Finnish candy – Fazer Marianne Chocolate Filled Mint Candies 220g – $8.13/bag



Dragster 2000 Super Sura – $9.50/3 bags



Cloetta Kex Choklad, Chocolate Filled Mini Wafers, 156g – $8.83/package


Fazer Turkisk Peppar, Original Hot Salmiak & Pepper Candy, 150g – $7/bag


Delicato Chokladboll, Chocolate Mocha Ball – $7.25/6 pieces




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Originally published on March 24, 2019.



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