Scandinavian Mother’s Day gifts


With American Mother’s Day approaching, it’s an opportune time to explore unique ways to honor the special mothers in our lives. Whether you have a Scandinavian mother-in-law, mom, friend, or partner, or simply desire to infuse your celebrations with a touch of Nordic charm, there are delightful Scandinavian-inspired gestures to make her feel truly cherished. Here are some enchanting ways to celebrate her, the Scandinavian way:


Swedish Candy

We’re all familiar with the buzz surrounding Swedish candy, and it’s well-deserved. Swedish confections are celebrated for their distinctive flavors, superior quality, and diverse range, embodying the essence of Scandinavia in every bite.

Although there are many Scandinavian candy companies in the United States. There are two that stand out in time for Motheräs Day:

BonBon NYC

BonBon Large Gift Box

BonBon NYC offers a diverse range of charming gift boxes sure to bring a smile to any mother’s face. Be sure to verify the cutoff date for Mother’s Day to ensure timely delivery. In response to the recent Swedish candy craze, BonBon has extended their handling time to accommodate the increased demand.

The Scandinavia Box


The Mother’s Day Box

Swedes in the State’s very own Scandinavian gift and subscription box company! Just in time for Mother’s Day, The Scandinavia Box has unveiled their Limited Edition pink box, brimming with love-themed Scandinavian candy.

A Swedish breakfast in bed

Surprise Mom with breakfast in bed, infused with a Scandinavian twist! Treat her to Swedish waffles served with a dollop of whipped cream and a generous spread of jam or a handful of fresh berries for a delightful touch of sweetness. For an authentic Norwegian flair, top the waffles with Norwegian brown cheese, adding a unique and savory note to the indulgent breakfast experience.


Heart Waffle Maker for Mother’s Day Breakfast

Making mom breakfast in bed? Add a Scandinavian flair to it with Swedish waffles, whipped cream, and jam or fresh berries.

Lingonberry Jam


Cloudberry Jam

For a more Norwegian twist, you can add Norwegian brown cheese on the waffles.

Norwegian Gjetost

Swedish Beauty products

Scandinavian beauty is known for emphasizing hydration, sustainability, and practicality. By prioritizing hydration, these beauty practices address the harsh effects of cold weather, ensuring skin remains nourished and resilient year-round. There is no shortage of incredible Scandinavian skincare to be found in the United States, but here are some true favorites among the Swedes:

Verso Skincare

Verso Skin Care | Super Eye Serum 


SACHAJUAN Thickening Hair Shampoo

Scandinavian Jewelry

Whether it’s renowned heritage labels like Skultuna and Georg Jensen, or contemporary favorites like Evfa Attling, Engelbert, Lulu Copenhagen, and Caroline Svedbom, these brands offer the ideal gift for moms who appreciate timeless design and exquisite jewelry craftsmanship.

Caroline Svedbom


Scandinavian Fashion


Anine Bing

We had trouble deciding among the plethora of exceptional Scandinavian brands known for their high-quality, sustainable offerings. Nonetheless, we’re certain any mom would cherish a stunning knit from Soft Goat, Anine Bing, or Almada Label.

Bake Mom a cake

Elevate your Mother’s Day festivities with the heartfelt gesture of baking a cake. Explore some of our favorite Scandinavian cake recipes here:

Recipe: World’s Best Cake – Kvæfjordkake


[Recipe] Bulle Bakery’s Swedish Strawberry Cake

Recipe: Pink Princess Rulltårta



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