Recipe: Swedish Dammsugare [Punschrulle]


It’s officially the Day of the Punschrulle in Sweden! You’ve got to love Swedes and their national pastry days.

What better way to celebrate than to make these delicious bite-sized treats that have been blessing the Swedes tastebuds for centuries? We are, of course, talking about the Swedish ‘Punschrulle’, or better known in Sweden as a ‘dammsugare’.

These small cakes covered in marzipan and dipped in chocolate are such a delight that we highly recommend putting your shoes on right now and getting to the nearest grocery store for some ingredient shopping.

Here’s what you need:


4 tbsp of icing sugar

1 tsp of vanilla sugar

2 tbsp of cocoa powder

75 g of softened butter

350 g of marzipan

1 tsp green food colouring (to color the marzipan in the typical Swedish green color)

4 tbsp Swedish punsch (could also be substituted with 1 tbsp of rum)

75 g of semi-sweet dark chocolate

250 g of leftover cake (spongecake, muffins etc)


  1. Mix the butter, icing sugar, vanilla sugar and cocoa powder together in a food processor. When evenly blended, add leftover cake and punch to the mix and combine

2. Take out the mix and roll into two long rolls, about 1 diameter in thickness

3. Mix marzipan and green food coloring in a bowl until you’ve reached the desired color. Usually these desserts are a bright green. When done, dust a bit of icing sugar on a baking bench or flat surface and roll out the marzipan. Make sure there is enough icing sugar under the marzipan to prevent it from sticking to the surface.

4. Cut the marzipan into wide rectangular strips, about 2.5 inches in width and 5 inches in length

5. Take the cake mixture out of the fridge and make sure the rolls are tightly squeezed and even. Cut the roll into 2.5 inch pieces and roll each one up in a marzipan rectangle. Place in fridge for another 30 min.

6. A few minutes before taking out the rolls from the fridge, melt the semi-sweet dark chocolate. Let it cool for a minute.

7. Take the rolls out of the fridge and dip one end of the roll in the melted chocolate and place on parchment paper. Repeat with all rolls, and remember to only dip one end. When all rolls have been dipped on one end and the chocolate has stiffened a bit. Repeat the process with the other end of the rolls.

8. Once both ends have been dipped in chocolate and placed on parchment paper. Transfer the rolls to the fridge for at least another 30 minutes to make sure they hold their shape.

9. After 30 minutes, you are free to enjoy your Swedish dammsugare. You can also freeze them and save for a later fika!

Featured image: Lieselotte van der Meijs/


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