Fjällräven Voted Most Sustainable Clothing Brand in Sweden


Sustainable Brand Index, Europe’s largest sustainability survey, has just published its annual rankings — and one of our favorite Swedish heritage brands won an award. 

Fjällräven, the Örnsköldsvik-based outdoor equipment brand known for its colorful backpacks and cute fox logo, was voted as Sweden’s most sustainable brand in the “Clothing and Fashion Brand” category. 

With over 1,400 brands competing in the category, Swedish consumers agreed on Fjällräven being the most sustainable brand. Digging deeper into core values of the company – their win comes as little surprise.

Christiane Dolva, Head of Sustainability at the company, notes that “Sustainability is a deeply rooted value at Fjällräven and it remains at the core of everything we do… We’re extremely happy to see that consumers recognize Fjällräven as a sustainable brand and that they value our constant efforts.”

Fjällräven’s products are famous for their durability and sustainability. In fact, the company’s founder, Åke Nordin, grew up along Sweden’s rugged coast and needed a backpack that would survive the harsh environments of nature in his backyard. Using his dad’s tools and mom’s sewing machine, Nordin designed his first piece of gear, which was a wood-framed backpack, in his basement. 

From that moment onwards, Nordin became an entrepreneur, solving the most common problems back in the ’60s and ’70s, which were lightweight yet durable outdoor equipment. 

By the end of the decade, Fjällräven had become the go-to supplier of gear for Swedish expeditions. 

“Products should be durable and long-lasting in the physical sense, but also in the emotional sense. After all, what good is a garment made with the world’s most durable fabric, if it feels outdated only a year after you buy it? For this reason, timeless design is a very high priority for us.” continues Christiane Dolva.

Besides using recycled polyester, organic materials, and clean production methods, Fjällräven also advocates for animal welfare and social sustainability. In fact, Fjällräven’s Down Promise lets buyers trace where their clothing’s material comes from.
“We’re delighted when we see our products handed down from one generation to the next because it means we have succeeded in creating a long-term relevance that helps make a more sustainable behavior possible.”


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