Cooking with Swedes in the States: Swedish Crayfish



Cooking with Swedes in the States: Swedish Crayfish

In the second episode of Cooking With Swedes in the States, Johan from Big Swede BBQ shows us how to use both beer and crown dill to cook your crayfish to Swedish perfection. For full recipe:

Slået op af Swedes in the States i Tirsdag den 30. oktober 2018


“Kräftlag” – The cooking liquid

Mix together;

1 gallon of water
1 bottle of beer
2-3 tbsp of sugar
1 cup of kosher salt
Dill, preferably Crown Dill

How to 

  1. Rinse the crayfish thoroughly and bring the “kräftlag”, cooking liquid to a heavy boil.

2. Add the crayfish to the cooking liquid in a swift movement and cover with a lid. Let boil for 5 minutes.

3. After having boiled for 5 minutes, place the crayfish in an ice bath for about a minute to stop the cooking process.

4. When the crayfish have cooled down in the ice bath for about a minute, place them in the cold cooking liquid and let soak in it for about 24-48 hours.


This article was originally published on October 30, 2018


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