Bulle Bakery takes Los Angeles by storm


Sarah and Ezra Reich is the Swedish-American duo behind the wildly popular pop-up bakery, Bulle Bakery.

In just a year, they have become the darlings of Scandinavians and the fika ambassadors to the Americans, in California.

If you haven’t already caught up with them on Melrose Farmers Market on Sundays, here’s your chance to get to know these bulle entrepreneurs better.

When did you decide to start making bullar?

We came up with the idea in the spring of 2017 when we realized that it was impossible to find authentic Swedish bullar in LA. That was when we began experimenting with American ingredients together with some imports to perfect the recipe. It took quite some time to find ingredients that were a perfect match for us. For example, even the country of origin of the spices makes a difference in flavor.

How did the two of you meet?

We met through mutual friends in Stockholm when Ezra was over there producing some music.
Sarah, how did you end up in L.A? I moved here in April of 2017. I was born and raised in Stockholm. I moved to LA after we carried on a long-distance relationship with many trips both in Sweden and LA. We then decided to live in LA and I don’t regret the move for a second!

Without sharing your secret recipe, what do you think makes the Swedish bulle perfect, and so different from the American Cinnamon Buns?

As we said before it was a lot of studying and testing high-quality ingredients to get it right. It’s also very time consuming and we give our buns around 4 hours of time per dough we make.

Swedish bulle is completely different from the American cinnamon bun in that it is not solely a taste of intense sugar. It is a sweet and savory flavor which is reliant on cardamom in the dough and a certain type of butter as well as not overpowering the pastry with frosty sugar on top. We can promise you that you will never see a Bulle Bakery Bun with frosted sugar topping.

What are your future plans and goals with Bulle Bakery?

We view the Bulle as a pastry deserving international attention much like the croissant. We will continue growing and are looking for the right investor to open a flagship location here in LA as the next big step.

How has Bulle Bakery been received by the Swedes and Americans?

We have received great feedback and support from the Swedish community here. In fact, many Swedes have told us that our Bullar is the best they have ever had. Americans have been very supportive as well and we have a steady stream of reoccurring American clients both in private orders, the Melrose Farmers Market, and our wholesale locations. For example, the pastry chef and co-owner of Bestia DTLA is a frequent client of ours, which is a big honor for us.

Where can people find you and your bullar? 

We currently sell on the weekends at Huset at Abbott Kinney and Swedish Scoops in Pasadena. We are at Melrose Farmers Market most Sunday’s 9am-2pm. We also have many corporate and private order clients that have scheduled weekly deliveries from us. We are happy to take more orders daily from anyone who wants bullar with delivery or pickup in Marina del Rey. Hopefully, you will see more wholesale locations in the near future.

We are excited to see where the future takes Bulle Bakery. Swedes in the States is highly anticipating a Bulle Bakery shop. Preferably in Hollywood, next to our office. 

If you want to stay in the know about what Bulle Bakery is up to, and where you can find them, don’t forget to follow Bulle Bakery on social media.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/bullebakery/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bullebakery/

Website: http://bullebakery.com/



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