10 Highly Relatable Reactions To Mamma Mia 2


Mamma Mia is already poised to be one of this summer’s blockbuster hits, making more than $89 million worldwide (the budget was $75 million) in its first week.


Need some (Swedish) inspiration to go out and watch the movie? Say no more – here are some of our favorite reactions!

It’s slang for being awesome. Promise.

*queues up ABBA’s greatest hits*



Bring on the skin-tight jumpsuits.

A very old, and accurate, Swedish motto: Nothing worth having comes easy.

It’s true. There are literally enough Skarsgårds to play the entire cast.

My brother is still single, in case you’re looking? He’s great at putting together IKEA furniture. That’s about it. 

@NetflixNordic, what have you been smoking? Questions abound. 

Look, guys, Swedish men are great and all, but just like the rest of the women in this world, Swedish women still prefer their pets. 


This is actually written in the Swedish constitution.


Heaven is just a 24/7 ABBA disco party. The Vikings are loving it! 


ABBA: bringing the world together since 1979.





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