What is like working or doing an internship in the United States? On this page, Swedes in the States have gathered information, made guides, FAQs and interviewed people who have done exactly that! You can also find our job board here, where Scandinavian companies post their ads. if you are unable to answer any questions that you might have regarding working or doing an internship in the US, make a visit to our forum where you can find direct contact with Swedish companies, Swedish chamber of commerces or other Scandinavians that has once embarked on the same adventure you might be.

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Visa guides


How do I get an internship in the US?

You have two options when looking for an internship in the US;

  1. You pay a company to help you find an internship in the US. They will help you through the entire process from finding an internship to applying or your visa.
  2. You find your own internship by applying to companies of your interest. Keep a look out at Swedes in the States job board to find companies looking for interns. We post the internships positions from, for example, SACC-USA, whom will help you through your visa process.

What visa do I need for an internship?

The J1 visa functions as an internship visa in the United States.

Which companies sponsor internship visas?

If you are a Swedish or a Finnish citizen you can apply for internships through SACC-USA, the umbrella organisation of all Swedish Chamber of Commerces in the United States. SACC-USA will help you find a hosting company to complete your internship with while sponsoring and helping you through your visa process.

You can also take help from private companies like KILROY.


How do I get a job in the United States?

There are different ways for a Scandinavian citizen to work in the United States. The most recommended way to start living your dream in the US, is to see if your current company has the opportunity to transfer you to one of their subsidiaries in the US.

You can also try your luck and apply for the Green Card Lottery.
It is important to note that you should always apply through the government website and with no other companies. Entering the green card lottery is free, and paying a company to help you will not increase your chances of winning.
You can find more info here:

If I am in Sweden now, where do I start?

If you are in Scandinavia now and have no relation to the United States you have to start by figuring out what exactly you want to do here. If you are working for an international company, you can apply for a transfer to one of their offices in the US. If you are a highly educated professional, you can apply for a job with a US company in the US and have them sponsor your work visa. If you are just interested in making business connections in the US for your Swedish company, you can apply for a temporary 6 month business visa. If you are great with kids, there are many Scandinavian (and American) families that are always looking for an Au Pair.

You can read our guide on how to work in the US here >>>>

What happens if I don’t follow the guidelines and laws of the United States?

If you work in the US on an ESTA visa or another visa not intended for work, you can face an up to 10 year ban from the country. Furthermore, since you will be on TSA and USCIS “not cool” list, you will have to apply for a tourist visa every time you visit the US after your 10 year ban.

If your hopes are to live the American dream, we highly recommend that you do it the legal way. The United States has among the strictest immigration laws in the world. There are plenty of organisations, companies and fellow Scandinavians who can guide you and help you with any questions you might have in our forum.