We are all one week away from the event of the fall! Swedes in the States Crayfish Dinner Party at the Liaison Lounge in Hollywood.

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Swedes in the States team get a lot of questions about the event, so we decided to do what we do the best, and write an article about the details of the event.

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The Venue 


The Venue: Liaison Lounge Liaison Lounge on 1638 N Las Palmas Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Located in the heart of Hollywood, Liason Lounge is one of the more iconic venues in Los Angeles. With two bars, an outdoor lounge and a retractable roof, our diners will be dining in the great outdoors (the patio) and the guests of our Nordic House Nights After-Party will be dancing under the stars.

The Food

What better way to prepare for the event than to take a look at some of the food being served? Let’s admit it, the food (and drinks) are always the highlight of any event. And if it wasn’t already obvious, thanks to our sponsors’, drinks will be flowing freely during this event.

When deciding on the menu for our event, we naturally chose to go with the number one Swedish caterer in all of SoCal, Food by Emily. We made an article about the menu here. 

READ: Swedes in the States Crayfish Dinner 2019: The Menu




The Entertainment

The DJ: WhoisFIYAH

He’s a myth, draped in all black clothes, never speaks a word, and of course the ominous mask. This Swedish DJ has previously been working with Nordic wonders such as RedOne and Max Martin, been endorsed by Tiësto, and recently dropped his latest hit ‘Domino’.
We have no idea who hides behind the mask but we know this guy will have us dancing all night long to our favorite house music.
The Live Entertainment: Final Child /Jennifer Åkerman

Most Scandi’s in Los Angeles already know her. Not many Angelenos could have missed her. We’re talking about Swedish music sensation, Jennifer Åkerman, AKA Final Child. The singer/songwriter latest tracks ‘Afterlife’ and ‘Hold On’ gives us all the dreamy L.A. vibes a la Lana del Rey. Jennifer is going to set the mood during our dinner and we can’t wait for our guests to get lost in her world.




The Tickets

We recommend going through Eventbrite when purchasing tickets to the event. There are three types of tickets available to purchase right now.

Normal RSVP: $129 (won’t be available after the weekend)
Late RSVP: $159 (starts after the weekend)
Student: $51

If you work for a Scandinavian brand based in the U.S. you receive a 20% discount on tickets. We will, however, have to confirm employment. Get in touch with us for discount code.

More info can be found on our Eventbrite page here: https://sitscrayfishparty2019.eventbrite.com/


Our Sponsors


This event really couldn’t have been done without the generous support of our sponsors. We are working with amazing Scandinavian brands to give you the best experience when you attend our events, and this event is no exception.

We are proud to present The Humble Co. as our brand sponsor. Their mission is to make the world a better place with their sustainable, and eco-friendly, products. We are excited to be celebrating with this kind, and humble team at our Crayfish Party.

Åhus Akvavit will be providing the important elixir, also known as “nubbar” during the evening. We are especially excited about that segment of the dinner.

Rekorderlig Cider needs no further introduction. One of Sweden’s most beloved cider brands will be there to quench your thirst in the form of welcome drinks and drinks during the dinner.

Casa Marrone, a brand represented by The Wine Team, one of Sweden’s leading wine distributors will be there to put a special flair on the dinner. Because everyone knows, that best paired with crayfish is wine. We are beyond proud to introduce this exciting wine brand to our guests.

Not many Swedish Angelenos could have missed the reason expansion of the Swedish drink, NOCCO, to the United States. This non-alcoholic beverage is a big favorite among the Swedes back home, and we are confident, you will like it just as much.


The After-Party: Nordic House Nights 

The first of many, Swedes in the States Events is proud to introduce you to Nordic House Nights – The After-Party. Everyone with a dinner ticket will be allowed to stay for the after-party. Guests who are attending the after-party only will have to RSVP separately for the list. For table bookings or list, email us at events@swedesinthestates.com


Swedes in the States

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