We are all together going through strange, hard and uncertain times. Not only have we all been affected in one way, or another, by the pandemic virus Covid-19, but we are also starting to feel the devastating effects the virus is having, and is expected to have, on our economy. Because of the lockdown, many restaurants have been forced to temporarily shut their doors, ultimately leading to employees being laid off, and entire businesses suddenly finding themselves on the brink of collapse.

As a community, and especially a tight-knit one like the Nordic community in the United States, we all need to come together to keep our favourite businesses alive.

The Swedes in the States team and I are offering our support throughout this time, as we continuously try to find ways where we can be of help to small Nordic businesses and entrepreneurs. To make sure we leave no stone unturned, I welcome any ideas and suggestions from our readers, community members, and partners.

We would like to start by putting up a list of all Nordic restaurants and cafés that are still open for take-out and delivery. Please consider ordering from them.

All links lead to their Facebook-page, where you can get in touch with the businesses directly.

If you know of a Nordic food business that should be included or have ideas on how we can further provide support, let us know on our Facebook page, or email us at hello@swedesinthestates.com.

/Natalie Söderberg, Founder at Swedes in the States


Berolina Bakery



Copenhagen Pastry

Stockhome Restaurant Petaluma

Clark Street Bread 

Open Face Food Shop

Il Caffé DTLA 


Polar Bakery

Johans Joe – PBG location


Tre Kronor Restaurant

Stockholm Inn

Las Vegas

Saga Pastry + Sandwich

New York 

Bon Bon NYC





Arctic Swan Bakery 

Rhode Island

Café Choklad

Washington D.C. 



Norske Nook

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  1. Thank You for doing this Natalie, I hope the Scandinavian community rally around all of these awesome Nordic businesses, I haven’t seen a Scandinavian person in here for weeks, we are totally relying on our American customers, I hope that will change soon, imagine the Scandinavian communities without us.

  2. […] Since the food (and schnapps) is a very vital part of every midsummer celebration, we have decided to compile a Midsummer menu with the full recipes at hand for you to try. If you’re not the baking/ cooking type, make sure to support your local Scandinavian caterer/café/restaurant. READ: Nordic Restaurants You Can Support During The Lockdown […]


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